AMAYA (05.31.11) -- Datu Mangubat (Gardo Versoza) starts his search for the baby who has a twin snake. He asks permission from his son, Bagan (Sid Lucero), and told him the purpose of his quest. Meanwhile at the place of Datu Bugan (Raymond Bagatsing), Lamitan (Gina Alajar) almost sold Dal'ang (Lani Mercado) to the merchants. But it was good that the elder have warned her that the child their slave is conceiving is still a maharlika. Lamitan and her sister got angry for their plan was stopped. So the wicked queen gave the female slaves more workload. And she instructed Badu to beat Dal'ang for being so slow in her performance. After beating Dal'ang, her friend (Ana Capri) noticed that she was bleeding. And their Elder have told her that even if its not her time to give birth, the baby wants to go out already.
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