After the Banwa of Datu Bugan (Raymond Bagatsing) was attacked by Rajah Manggubat (gardo Versoza), they also killed the chieftain of the place. Dian Lamitan (gina Alajar) came back to tha place and declared Amaya (MArian Rivera) as an uripon. Lamitan undressed her infront of many people and even humiliated her. After the incident, Awi (Roy Alvarez) approached Amaya and told her that he cannot accept what Lamitan have decided and he still treats her as a Bai. Then, Marikit (Rochelle Panganiban) came to tease Amaya of the misfortune she had experienced. She got angry for Amaya did not bow down to her. But Amaya reminded her that she had treated her as her sister when they were still in the same Bukot. And she even questioned her for not grieving for the loss of their Baba. Meanwhile, Bagani got dismayed when hearing the news that the one of the binukot of Datu Bugan was Amaya. He visited her and told her that he did not like what had happened of their Banwa.
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