The Alabays undergo a challenge. In this challenge, they have to guess it right the pulsation of the patient brought in to them. The rest of the alabays started to perform their challenge but said the same thing. Amaya (Marian Rivera) did her reading and also Sikabay. But only Sikabay (Mia Pangyarihan) got it right. The chief Babaylan was there to witness everything. She was there to check and see for unusual movements of thd alabays. She wishes to know who is the lady in the Tagna. Meanwhile, Awi (Roy Alvarez) was in the Banwa of Rajah Manggubat (Gardo Versoza) when he heard the rajah telling Angaway (Gabby Eigenmann) that he will give a big reward to the one who could tell the whereabouts of the lady with a twin snake. Amaya approached Alinsina and wanted to talk to her. But the child was resistant. And Alinsina told her that she did not tell anyone about her.
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