The punong Babaylan told Amaya (Marian Rivera) to lead them to the place where she picked the plant that cured Bagani (Sid Lucero). Amaya brought them to a place where there were plants. But none of it was the plant they were looking for. Amaya made up alibis. The punong babaylan told her to go. The babaylan told Asinas that Amaya lied to them. And that was not the right place the plant came from. Meanwhile, Rajah Manggubat (Gardo Versoza) went to a banwa and looks for the uripon that was reported that tried to kill Bagani. Lumad (Mikael Daez) stopped the beating of the poor uripon. And made up a story that they were together. This made her landlord angry. And in payment for that embarrassment, Angaway (Ryan Eigenmann) punched him and they cut his hair short.
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