Bayang (Ana Feleo) read the palms of Amaya. And she saw that Amaya (Marian Rivera) would be captured by the soldiers of Rajah Manggubat (Gardo Versoza) and she would be killed. Bayang did not tell Amaya what she really saw. She does not want her to worry. She offered an alay to the spirits to watch over Amaya. Meanwhile Sikabay (Mia Pangyarihan) is really watching every move of Amaya so she would know her mistakes. Even the other alabays are watchful to gain reward from Sikabay. When Amaya was alone, she secretly called her twin snake. She did not know that Alunsina was there to witness everything. Amaya begged the little girl not to tell anyone about it. But she did not promise to follow her.
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