Yoyo Awi (Roy Alvarez) and Amaya (Marian Rivera) went home without seeing Dal'ang (Lani Mercado) and Binayaan (Glaiza de Castro). But Awi promised her that they would go back there to look for her iloy. When they reached their Banwa, Alunsina immediately tells them that they have a big problem. The source of their drinking water is not safe anymore. The last persons who drank from it have died. Rajah Manggubat (Gardo Versoza) commands Uray Hilway (Angie Ferrero) to look for the solution as soon as possible. A day after, Amaya successfully fount a new source. Silay (Mia Pangyarihan) did not believe her. But when Lumad (Mikael Dael) hit it with his spear, water sprang it from it.
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