Banuk (Buboy Villar) got disturbed for the attitude change of his father, Rajah Manggubat (Gardo Versoza). When Hara Lingayen (Ayen Munji- Laurel) heard of what her son have told her, she adored him for thinking maturely. Banuk is worried because his father is pressuring Uray Hilway (Angie Ferrero) to remove Amaya (Marian Rivera) as the Punong Babaylan. That day, Amaya told the Uray Hilway that she will not step down from her position. She worked hard to gain that. And she know she have not done anything. When she and the punong babaylan reached the house of the rajah, Dian Lamitan (Gina Alajar) and her sister Mantal (Irma Adlawan) were there. Amaya told them that she would not step down. Dian Lamitan insulted her and told the rajah that she is being disrespectful. Then Hara Lingayen came telling everyone that Amaya have contributed so much to their banwa. And she thinks that it is not rightful to remove her. What is not right is other people who do not have a marvelous work at their place. Lamitan insulted her that she does not respect her husband's decision.
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