Yantersayang (Glaiza del Castro) fought with all her strength with Datu Saghid, her husband. But she was defended. She could not do anything since the datu already owns. She is his wife. That night, Amaya (Marian Rivera) went back to the place where she could see her iloy Dal'lang (Lani Mercado). But the warriors stopped them because they are new to the place. When they say that they are from the banwa of Rajah Manggubat (Gardo Versoza) they thought that they brought danger. So they attacked Amaya and Lumad (Mikael Dael). Datu Saghid immediately came and was ready to fight with them when Yantersayang came to the rescue. Amaya was surprised to see Binayaan. She was very happy that her sister is in good shape. They hugged and cried.
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