Kapid (Diana Zubiri) was very much worried because her request was not answered by the Diwatas. She met an old lady and told her of what was the reason why she was there. Digan also got worried because she knows the reason of existence of Amaya (Marian Rivera). After Rajah Manggubat (Gardo Versoza) have declared that she is removed from her position, everybody were shocked when it suddenly rained. Yoyo Awi (Roy Alvarez) , Bayang (Ana Feleo) and the rest who weru cloqe to her went closer and congratulated her. Dian Lamitan (Gina Alajar) could not believe what she saw. Hara Lingayen (Ayen Munji- Laurel) and Banuk (Buboy Villar) were also very happy. Because they know Amaya is blessed with powers. After the gathering, Rajah Manggubat went to see his Sagdil Marikit (Rochelle Pangilinan). But Umbo Mantal (Irma Adlawan) told him that the sagdil is having a rest and does not want to be disturbed. Meanwhile, Datu Bagani (Sid Lucero) is thinking very deeply when Yantersayang (Glaiza Del Castro) approaches him. She asked what was the reason of him being so serious. She wanted to know something about his life. But he refused to share it.
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