Amaya (Marian Rivera) is placed for due process for the death of Atubang (Daniel Fernando). Angaway (Ryan Eigenmann) insists that Amaya should be punished for what she did. Rahu Linangan (Ayen Munji- Laurel) asks Amaya for the details of the incident. Amaya shared that she only protected herself because Atubang attacked and tried to kill her first. Rajah Manggubat (Gardo Versoza) calls attention to whoever have witnessed the incident. Alunsina runs forward and supported what Amaya have shared. Usbong (Jan Manual) seconded that he was near the seashore and have witnessed the incident. Angaway protested his statement since Usbong is an Uripon of Bagani (Sid Lucero). And everybody knows that Bagani is inlove with Amaya. But Luad proved that Atubang, as his master, have a rough character. Now that everybody have heard the story, Rajah Manggubat gives the obligation to Banuk (Buboy Villar) to decide over things. Banuk have given favor to Amaya's side. Meanwhile when Marikit (Rochelle Pangilinan) woke up, she got angry upon knowing that her baby was aborted intentionally by her Iloy Lamitan (Gina Alajar). She stood up and at the same time telling them that she would never forgive them. She ran and went to a place where Amaya was. She strangled her neck and blames her for all the misfortunes of her marriage life.
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