Dian Lamitan (Gina Alajar) was having mixed emotions upon seeing her long lost daughter, Binayaan (Glaiza del Castro). But it made her surprise when Binayaan was pointing a sword at her. Dian Lamitan told Binayaan that she should not side with Amaya because she is the one responsible for killing Rajah Manggubat (Gardo Versoza) and the father of the present Rajah. But Binayaan did not listen to her. When Dian Lamitan was already away, Amaya (Marian Rivera) asked Binayaan for the whereabouts of her Iloy Dal’lang (Lani Mercado). They were arguing. Binayaan told Amaya what could be the possible reaction of their Iloy if she would know of her doings. Binayaan/ Yantersayang made all the excuses. But Amaya could not be stopped. She really wanted to see her Iloy. They did not even know that Dian Lamitan was all the while listening to them and following them. Binayaan then brought Amaya to the nipa hut where she left Dal’lang, Agang (Ana Capri) and her son. When they were inside, Yantersayang then told them they have a visitor. Dal’lang was surprised. She was very sure that she had met tat woman before. And that memory is still fresh in her mind. Amaya then immediately approachd and hugged her. Calling her her Iloy/ mother. The people inside the nipa hut were just watching the two of them. Dal’lang shed a tear. But she then moved her body away. She asked why she was called her mother. Since, her daughter, Yantersayang is there. Amaya then introduced herself as Yantersayang’s sister named Binayaan. Dal’lang was confused. She still remembered that the mother of the half sisters of Amaya/ Yantersayang is Dian Lamitan. And Dian Lamitan is just in that place. Amaya/Binyaan then explained that she only was misinterpreted. That she and her mother were together in the market and that they lost each other's way.
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