Bagani (Sid Lucero) then asked apologies to Paratawag (AJ Dee) that he would spare his life just to catch the Amaya. Amaya was shocked by these words of Bagani. He was not the man he used to know before. So, Amaya got no other choice. She fought with the ma whom she loves so much. Amaya asked for forgiveness from him. And she even told him that she did not kill Rajah Manggubat (Gardo Versoza) intentionally. But Bagani do not want listen to her. What he only knew is that she was the one who killed his father, so he should let her pay for that. Amaya then told him that he should not forget that she is the daughter of Datu Bugna (Raymond Bagatsing), so the blood of being a warior is in her veins. But Amaya was defeated by Bagani. While Bagani was pointing his sword at Amaya, he then remembered the first time he saw Amaya, the beautiful face of Amaya under the light of the shining moon. Then Amaya had a time to escape. Songil (Mon Confiado) was dismayed of what had happened. He then announces it to their fellow soldiers and said that their Bagani was defeated by his emotions. And he has no capabilities of catching Amaya because of his feelings. Hara Lingayan (Ayen Munji- Laurel) was very disappointed of what she heard. She then scolded Bagani for being like that. When his Iloy/ mother was already away, Banuk (Buboy Villar) then told his older brother that he understand his feelings and he respects him for that. Meanwhile, Lumad (Mikael Daez) got a serious wound. He told Amaya his last words. And he was glad that it happened to him because he would now see his wife and his child. Kuling (Dion Ignacio) was very disappointed of the things happening to them right now. He said that if they still stick together with Amaya, their lives would be endangered. Ahak (Sheena Halili) got mad at the words tat Kuling said. And said that they should stay with Amaya since she was the one who helped them. Amaya thought of what Kuling had just said. She reminisces the times she had spent with the people who were there at her side form the start. Meanwhile Bagani goes to Uray Hilway (Angie Ferrero) to ask help from her. Uray Hilway asked him what it was. Bagani told the Chief Priestess that he wanted his feeling for Amaya to be removed. Uray Hilway then told him that his love for Amaya is pure. But because of the situation, he is torn between his love and his duty. But he have to follow his duty. Because the woman whom he loves so much is the reason of the death of his father. Uray Hilway did a ritual on Bagani. After that, Bagani was curios because he did not even had a wound on his palm. He remembers that Uray Hilway wounded his palm. Meanwhile, Amaya have decided to go away form the group. Yoyo Awi (Roy Alvarez) was then looking for Amaya for he haven’t seen her that day. He came to conclude that Amaya might have left so that they may not be in danger. When they were about to look for her, the soldiers of the former Rajah Manggubat found them. Awi was killed in the battle.
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