Paratawag (Aj Dee) told Lamitan (Gina Alajar) his apologies for he was only told to kill her. After acquiring an abdominal cut, Lamitan got a chance to escape. She was found by Angaway (Ryan Eigenmann). And she was brought to Uray Hilway (Angie Fererro) to be cured. Lamitan told them that Amaya (Marian Rivera) is the girl in the prophecy. Meanwhile, Songil (Mon Confiado) and Datu Bagani (Sid Lucero) have a nice conversation. They did not know that Datu Saghid (Jordan Herrera) plans to revolt against them. He does not want that he could not kill Datu Bagani. He is still bitter that Bagani captured his puod. Datu Saghid's forces came and attacked them. But Saghid's forces were weak. An he got killed. Yantersayang (Glaiza Del Castro) said her last words to her husband. And Datu Bagani instructed his men to let go of the men of Datu Saghid. But he made them promise that they are not going to touch the family of Yantersayang. Meanwhile, Dal'lang  (Lani Mercado) told  Yantersayang that they should go with Datu Bagani, as what was planned before. But Yantersayang does not want to go. And she firmly said her decision. Dal'lang had a suspicion that Yantersayang is hiding something. She told Agang (Ana Capri) that she needs to find out the reason of it. Meanwhile at the house of Uray Hilway, Asinas (Maybeline Dela Cruz) together with the rest of the Alabays went their to have their usual training. They were surprised when they were not allowed to enter the house. And Uray Hilway told them that she is not feeling well. So someone will take over to teach them.
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