Dayao brought Amaya (Marian Rivera) and Ahak (Sheena Halili) out of their Puod/ territory. He asked for apologies to the two women. He told them that it is against their practice to bring dayu/ visitors in their place. He told them that he hasn’t done anything to let them stay. Ahak then told him that he should have not done that. He only got himself troubled. When they were already away, Amaya told Ahak that she really appreciated the way those people fight. Amaya then said that she needs to learn their way of fighting for her to become a better warrior. Ahak warned her. She told her Bai/ Princess that it was clearly stated that they do not like persons outside their territory. And Ahak is afraid of their welfare. She does not want to be like those who attacked in the place. They would be killed and just buried anywhere. Meanwhile, Dian/ Queen Lamitan (Gina Alajar) have talked to Rajah/ Ruler Angaway (Ryan Eigenman). She was trying to endorse her ‘niece’, Binyaan (Glaiza del Castro) to the rajah. The dian noticed last time that the Rajah has a special look on her daughter Binayaan. And she wanted that to happen. Meanwhile, Agang (Ana Capri) and Dal’lang (Lani Mercado) were talking. They were already worried that for the following days they have nothing to eat. So, Dal’lang made a decision to approach the Rajah and tell him that they would like to serve him.
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