Bagani (Sid Lucero) was about to be killed by Rajah or ruler Angaway's (Ryan Eigenmann) warrior when his iloy or mother, Hara or queen Lingayan (Ayen Munji- Laurel) went through and told the Rajah not to kill her son. She also promised to marry him. Rajah Angaway then said to Uray Hilway (Angie Ferrero) that he could not kill Bagani because Bagani is the son of his future Queen. Meanwhile, Amaya (Marian Rivera) practiced on how to fight well. A fewmoments later, Apila (Yasmien Kurdi) then went to Amaya's house and told Ahak (Sheena Halili) to help one of their relatives to get some leaves to use.Ahak went outside so Amaya and Apila were left behind. Amaya asked Apila what she was doing in her house and was there something she would like to tell.Apila got the sword of Amaya which had been given to her from the king of Apila's community. Amaya said that Apila must put away the sword because it canget Apila hurt. Apila made a scene. She hurt her self by the sword of Amaya and she shouted for help and said to the warriors to get Amaya and bring totheir king. Dian or queen Lamitan (Gina Alajar) was very shocked when one of her maids told her that Hara Lingayan accepted the proposal of Rajah Angaway. She was crying while she was saying that if Hara Lingayan will be a Queen again, she will never be the most powerful lady in their community. And that Is not whatshe wants to happen. She was thinking what best plan she would do. Meanwhile at Dayaw's (Aljur Abrenica) community, Apila told the king that Amaya was the one who hurt her. The King asked Apila of what she wanted to do to Amaya. Apila said that she want Amaya out from their community. Dayaw said that evenAmaya is just a visitor, they need to listen to Amaya's explaination but the King refused to listen. 
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