Dayaw (Aljur Abrenica) told Amaya (Marian Rivera) that she should have not sipped the poison from Apila's body. Amaya did not have the chance to reason out and collapsed. Dayaw was very worried. His father, Posaka, told him that he is still waiting for the herbs he asked from his men. Posaka then told his son that they are just going to ask for guidance from their Umbre. Afterwards, Apila (Yasmien Kurdi) has regained her consciousness. She then asked them what have happened. The last thing she remembered was she was bitten by a snake. Posaka answered her that it all happened. And she was saved because Amaya sipped the poison out of her body. Apila could not believe what happened. She was very mean to Amaya and yet she was saved from death by the woman whom she wished dead. Apila was crying. She was sorry for all the mistake she has done. Meanwhile, Songil (Mon Confiado) and Paratawag (AJ Dee) have told Rajah or Ruler Angaway (Ryan Eigenmann)of what happened. The rajah was very angry with them because they lied to him. Ahak (Sheena Halili) told the rajah that Amaya is really dead. And she isnot lying to him. The rajah approached Uray Hilway (Angie Ferrero). He told her of what the soldiers of the former rajah did to him. Uray Hilway told hernephew that she will check it through a prayer. She did saw Amaya lying down. She was surrounded by people who wore different clother. And they were crying around her. This made Uray Hilway conclude that Amaya is dead.
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