Asinas (Maybelyn dela Cruz) was very upset of what other the Babaylan did. And she told it to Hara Lingayan (Ayen Munji- Laurel). But the Hara said that Asinas must need to stay as a babaylan for them to know the plans of Uray Hilway (Angie Ferrero) and Raha Angaway (Ryan Eigenmann). So Asinas went to Uray Hilway's house to tell Uray Hilway that she would no longer resign as a Babaylan. Kuling (Dion Ignacio) was pleased when the new Raja Angaway have said that they will no longer kill them. And they will do anything for the new Rajah. Meanwhile, Ahak (Sheena Halili) was called by one of the Rajah's warrior at the other side of Rajah Angaway's community. They noticed that Ahak is the friend of Amaya. Meanwhile, Songil asked Bagani (Sid Lucero) why they have never seen the body of Amaya (Marian Rivera). If it was really true that Amaya is dead. And Bagani explained to them that Amaya have killed herself. Songil said that they must see the body of Amaya to bring it to the New Raha Angaway. Bagani felt guilty about what happened to Amaya. Meanwhile, Dian Lamitan (Gina Alajar) questioned Hara Lingayan what demand did she request to Asinas. Dal'lang (Lani Mercado) went to the market and she saw the guy that she asked about Amaya. When the guy saw Dal-lang, he was so afraid. Dal-lang was very angry while asking the guy about Amaya. Alunsina was so mad about their Head Priestess, Uray Hilway. She knew that Uray Hilway is the main reason why their community is now in ruin. Meanwhile, Dian Lamitan asked Hara Lingayan what was the conversation between her and Asinas. Agang (Ana Capri) told Dal-lang why she Dal-lang still kept on asking the guy about Amaya that in case the real Amaya/ Yantersayang (Glaiza del Castro) is in their side. But Dal-lang only wants to know the truth.
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