Dian Lamitan (gina alajar) let Badu decide with no choice but to follow her. she threatened the uripon that if he would not obey her, she would tell her bana, datu bugna (raymond bagatsing), that he tried to molest her. so badu, attacked the bukot of amaya that night. he brought bai amaya (marian rivera) at the forest. there the bai was lying in the slab of rock, unconcious. he asked for forgiveness  because he chose to kill her over his aim to be a timawa. but when he was about to a snake went up to him and bit him. meanwhile, rajah manggubat (gardo versoza) and his son, bagani together with their guards, they went to the forest for the first batuk of bagani. in order to get this, he will kill the prisoner his father would set free.
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