Datu Bugna (Raymond Bagatsing) was surprise to see Dal' lang trying to kill him. Bugna asked what had happened to her. Dal' lang (Lani Mercado) narrated how she survive from the hands of the guards. And she is back to take her revenge. She is angry for having been separated from Amaya (Marian Rivera). She told Bugna that she badly want to see their daughter. But Bugna warned her that Dian Lamitan might get angry and would harm her again. Bugna just told Dal' lang that Amaya grew up to be a very good Bai. She lives a life like a Bai and is very humble. After that encounter, Bugna shared to Awi (Roy Alvarez) about his meeting with Dal' lang. Awi was glad and asked if the datu plans to tell Amaya of the news about her Iloy. Bugna does not want that Amaya would become confused of the story.
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