Amaya (Marian Rivera) then confronted Dian Lamitan (Gina Alajar). Lamitan scolded her for making up things. When Rajah Manggubat (Gardo Versoza), Lamitan immediately tells him that Amaya tried to hit her. But Amaya said that Dian Lamitan have done things which are unacceptable. Amaya told the rajah that Dian Lamitan have endangered the life of Marikit (Rochelle Pangilinan). And she have also asked Alunsina (Maybelline dela Cruz) to abort the baby of Marikit with Bagani (Sid Lucero). The rajah asked if she had any witness. So Amaya said that Kayang (Roxanne Barcelo) could prove that. But when the rajah asked the uripon, she washed her hands. And said that she has nothing to do with those issues. Dian Lamitan then said that Amaya was only lying and needs to be punished. Rajah Manggubat then commanded Songil (Mon Confiado) to punish her. But Kayang then said that they could ask Mantal (Irma Adlawan). All of them then went to the puod where Marikit was stayin. when Mantal was asked she also said that she has nothing to do with it. Amaya then begged to Umbo Mantal. She made her think that it was for the safety of Marikit. Mantal then bursted the truth to the rajah. It made Dian Lamitan very angry. And said to the rajah that Amaya and Mantal were one against them. But the rajah suddenly remembered all of the events that have happened just because of the stories of Lamitan. And he regret the day he killed Bugna (Raymond Bagatsing). He then announced that Lamitan will now become an uripon until she dies.
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