Hara Lingayan (Ayen Munji- Laurel) had a serious talk with Amaya (Marian Rivera). The queen asked the punong alabay if she already had forgiven her husband. Amaya  said that her forgiveness is not essential to the rajah because she is just a nobody. The queen said that her forgiveness is important because she is an important person now. And that soon she would become a babaylan. Her forgiveness is important so that Hara Lingayan would at ease that the future of Rajah Manggubat (Gardo Versoza) would be at good hands. The queen also added that Rajah Manggubat have only killed Datu Bugna (Raymond Bagatsing) because of the wrongdoings of Lamitan (Gina Alajar). Amaya then said that she had already forgiven the rajah. And by that the queen was assured that everything is okay. Meanwhile, they did not know that Bayang (Ana Feleo) have everything they were talking. She then went to Uray Hilway         (Angie Ferrero) to inform her that Amaya is no longer in their side. And that means the killing of Rajah Manggubat would no longer happen. After awhile, Amaya had a talk with Uray Hilway. The Punong Babaylan told her that she can not change the destiny being given to her. But Amaya said that it was only written in her hands, but it depends upon her if she will follow it. She then says that she will no longer kill Rajah Manggubat. Meanwhile, Datu Saghid (jordan Herrera) together with the warriors of Rajah Manggubat, they attacked where the Mangangataw were staying. But the rajah was not successful in finding who was Datu Bagani (Sid Lucero).
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