Amaya (Marian Rivera) fought the soldieRs together with Lumad (Mikael Daez).They won the battle but before they did it,amaya introduce her kapid/twin to their enemy before they killed them. Bagani,Hara LingAyan & Banuk confirmed that they would followed thE new Raja AngAway. Dal-ang cAn't trust Dian Lamitan.She was expected that dian lamitan has wrath for them.She only thinks that dian lamitan only treat them good because yantersayang/ binayaan which they think for the real Amaya is half sister of her daughter so that dian lamitan treat them as family. Kuling wants to get out of amaya's group because he dont want to be like others who died because of fighting together with amaya.Angaway c0nfirmed that the family of past raja manggubat would follow him f0r his new legacy.The real binayaan congratulates bagani because she's thinking that bagani's mother & brother trully accepts of new raja angaway. Bagani (Sid Lucero) & real Binayaan help to release the prisoner which friends of bagani. Lumad & amaya's group went to lumad's old territory.They found out that Lumad was a prince in that old kingdom.Amaya was shocked when she knew that Lumad was a prince.Lumad said that the former Rajah manggubat killed his family,his wife & son so that he's n0w happy because raja manggubat is now dead.Amaya said that she wants t0 fight & kill the new raja angaway to prove that she never planned t0 killed the past raja manggubat.The people of new raja angaway territory dont believe why the family of past raja accepts to follow the one who took the throne of past raja manggubat.Uray hilway dont trust bagani's group because she's thinking that bagani & others has a plan.She command a person to be spy of bAgani's group to know the plan of bagani.Raja angaway asked dian lamitan if who's the girl that bagani companion. Dian lamitan (Gina Alajar) said that the girl was her neice which they talking about is the real binayaan (Glaiza Del Castro).Dian lamitan asked the new raja if he wants to met her neice but the raja angaway (Ryan Eigenmann) stay away.Real binayaan asked by bagani if why she knows about dian lamitan.binayaan said that amaya is her sister & bagani mad at her So bagani said that binayaan must leave from that kingdom.Dian lamitan visited dal-ang to her house.Dal-ang asked if where her daughter but dian lamitan slapped her in face.Thats the scene which binayaan saw & asked dian lamitan why she hurt her mother which she is talking about is amayas real mother 'dal-ang'.Dian lamitan was very angry when binayaan said that the next time she will hurt dal-ang she's the one that dian lamitan will be enemy.The new raja angaway was very angry when his soldiers back to his kingdom with news that amaya won their battle.
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