Dal'lang (Lani Mercado) was thankful to Yantersayang (Glaiza del Castro) that she just came in time. She said that if she didn't came Dian Lamitan (Gina Alajar) would not have stopped hurting her. But Dal'lang wonders why the Dian follows the requests of Yantersayang. Yantersayang then said that maybe she is still the daughter of the late Datu Bugna (Raymond Bagatsing). Dal'lang suggested to Yantersayang that they just go to where her sister Binayaan/ Amaya is. Yantersayang then told her that Binayaan is already hiding. And she does not know where to look for her. After that incident, Yantersayang went to her real mother, Dian Lamitan. Her biological mother asked her what did Dal'lang gave her to make her to treat that slave so good. Yantersayang told her that she should just be thankful that she is there. Meanwhile, Agang (Ana Capri) was wondering why Yantersayang does not want to be with her Umbo Binayaan. Agang then told Dal'lang that maybe Yantersayang is just like that because Binayaan is from that puod which is now very chaotic. After talking with Dian Lamitan, Yantersayang went to the house where Bagani (Sid Lucero) was. Hara Lingayan (Ayen Munji- Laurel) told her that Bagani and his troop were already out in search of Amaya. Yantersayang was wondering why Bagani did not inform her. Hara Lingayan told her because she is the sister of Amaya. When Yantersayang got out, she met Silay (Mia Pangyarihan) talked with her. And she had mentioned about Umbo Marikit (Rochelle Pangilinan). Yantersayang then immediately went to the house of her real mother. She badly wants to see her Umbo Marikit. Dian Lamitan told her that she do not advice for them to see each other since Marikit is not in good shape. Yantersayang still insisted. When she moved closer to Marikit, her umbo did not want her to come closer to her. And she even called her Amaya. Yantersayang was curious of what happened to her elder sister. Dian Lamitan told her it was all because of Amaya (Marian Rivera).
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