Dian/ Queen Lamitan already made a way to make Binayaan (Glaiza del Castro) closer to Rajah/ Ruler Angaway (Ryan Eigenmann). Later on, she told the rajah that she is going to make sure that Rajah Angaway would get the attention of Binayaan. Dian Lamitan also added that Binayaan is not really the daughter of the uripon/ slave Dal’lang (Lani Mercado). Rajah Angaway was curious who really is the iloy/ mother of Binayaan. Dian Lamitan then said that she really is the mother of Biniyaan. And that the real daughter of Dal’lang is Amaya (Marian Rivera). Rajah Angaway was very angry upon knowing the truth. He got mad why Dal’lang has not told him that she is really the mother of his enemy, Amaya. Dian Lamitan then said that Binayaan has already a special feeling for Dal’lang throught the times she was with her. Meanwhile, Amaya taught Ahak (Sheena Halili) ho w to use a sword. She wanted to teach the uripon, at the same time her friend, because she wants her to know how to protect herself. While they were practicing, the father of Dayao (Aljur Abrenica), and his men following a wild boar. They were trying to catch it to bring it to their puod/ territory. After the datu was done with his prayers, he then instructed his men to kill the boar. But too bad an arrow got him. The arrow was mixed with a poison. Everybody were panicked. Amaya volunteered herself to cure the datu. But they do not want her to.
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