Marikit (Rochelle Panganiban) pleased her iloy, Dian/ queen Lamitan (Gina Alajar) to release her from her room. But Dian Lamitan refused her favor. Marikit said that she knew the secret of Binayaan (Glaiza De Castro) but she will only say it if Dian Lamitan will release her. Dian Lamitan said thatshe will promise to release Marikit if she would say Binayaan's secret. Meanwhile, Amaya went to Dayaw (Aljur Abrenica) community so that she will knowabout Dayaw's way how to fight. Amaya said that she needs more fighting skills so that if ever she will fight between Rajah / ruler Angaway's (Ryan Eigenman) group, she knows how to win their battle. Dayaw said that they have also known how to make different traps and Amaya was very happy and she ran awaywhile shouting that she wants to know how to make a trap to get an enemy. Dayaw was shocked when Amaya ran away straight where his trap was. Binayaan (Glaiza del Castro) talked to Dal-Lang (Lani Mercado) and said that they need to ran away so that they will escape from Dian Lamitan's plan. Dal-Lang was shocked of what Binayaan was saying. She asked Binayaan what was the reason why she wants to ran away from her mother and that's the scene thatDian Lamitan heard and asked why Binayaan wants to escape from her. Dian Lamitan is now watchful of Binayaan's ways. While Binayaan was afraid of what might this bring to her and Dal-lang.
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