Everybody were called to go to the 'balay' or house of 'Rajah' or ruler Angaway (Ryan Eigenmann) because the rajah is going to announce who he will marry. Some 'timawa' or free men were curious who would be their next 'hara' or queen. They have noticed that their rajah do not have a girlfriend. They were guessing that maybe he has chosen a 'binukot' or hidden princess from other 'banwa' or territory. Meanwhile, Lingayan (Ayen Munji- Laurel) is curious who would be their next hara. Lingayan noticed her son, Bagani (Sid Lucero), who is not in the mood. Bagani then said to his mother his wild guess. He said that he knows who will be the name that Rajah Angaway would say. And that is none other than Binayaan (Glaiza del Castro), who is also a daughter of 'Dian' Lamitan (Gina Alajar). Lingayan then said that if that would happen, Lamitan would have again a higher position in the place. Meanwhile, Dian Lamitan saw Binayaan and Dal'lang (Lani Mercado) trying to get away. She got so mad and scolded her youngest daughter. She had Dal'lang arrested by the guards. She commanded Binayaan to get dressed up in her fabulous clothes for Rajah Angaway is about to announce who would be his Hara. She is very sure that Rajah Angaway would chose Binayaan. Binayaan tried to protest but Dian Lamitan told her she should follow so that Dal'lang would not again be hurt. 
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